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Visit our e-bike rental and enjoy the beauty of nature on your bike!

Are you dreaming of being immersed in the magnificent Dolomite landscape of Val Badia? Choose the right pedal-assisted bike for you in our e-bike rental and experience the most difficult routes.

Ebike rental

Need help with your car?

Our workshop offers you specialized assistance and is equipped for repairs, replacements and maintenance of several brands. Your safety is our priority!

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Do you want to become a real sports e-biker?

Our e-bike shop offers a wide range of mountain bikes for every age and every request. Our professional advice will help you to choose among the most current models!

E-Bike Sale

Gasoline, Diesel or Electric... What will your next car be like?

Choose your next car and relax. We take care of everything, your dream, our commitment!

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E-bike Longrental in South Tyrol

Are you looking for a new E-bike? In addition to the sale, we offer you a very interesting and convenient alternative: LONG TERM RENTAL ... fun guaranteed starting from only € 3 per day.

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La Mobilité... na pasciun sön rodes

Our goal is to make you enjoy driving electric bikes and keep your car in good condition.

In fact, we offer you a sustainable service designed for those who love nature and want to explore the area in a simple and direct way through the Rent an e-mountain bike for half a day, for a whole day or even for a long-term rental. You can also entrust your car to our specialist garage staff for maintenance, specific repairs, tire service and bodywork repairs.

You can also benefit from our 9-seater car and van rental, also long-term.

The World of Cars

Why do we take care of your car? Because it's just our passion. In our workshop we work with specific and advanced equipment. With networked diagnostics, we are able to carry out professional repairs for the most important manufacturers. As part of associations such as Ad - Giadi Service, we always have the necessary technical information at our disposal.

Renting an e-bike offers freedom and breathtaking views

Do you love nature and want to live it to the end, are you looking for new sensations to really appreciate it? Take the opportunity and accept this challenge: The Dolomites of Val Badia are calling you! Thanks to the assisted cycling you can enjoy the most difficult ascents, reach unimaginable destinations and admire natural landscapes that will take your breath away. Don't postpone, rent today your electric mountain bike!