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Mechanical workshop: maintenance, repairs and assistance

The high quality of the product is undoubtedly decisive, but good maintenance is also essential for your car: we put our professionalism at your service.

Car Repair-Shop in Pederoa - Alta Badia

Important nowadays is technical training and professional equipment. The La Mobilité car repair shop is a certified company with four master craftsmen who provide assistance from a simple service up to the most complex mechanical and electronic repairs. With the PES / PAV certificate we are also able to repair hybrid and electric cars.

  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance
  • MCTC Net tests
  • Tyre service
  • 3D convergence
  • Roadside assistance
  • Bodywork washing
  • Internal self-cleaning
  • Company fleet management

Car Sale

Are you looking for a new car? From La Mobilité to Pederoa in Val Badia you can find the right car. From new to used or Km0, from petrol or diesel to electric.