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Long Term in the Dolomites: a new way to buy your e-bike in absolute peace of mind.

Are you looking for a new E-bike? In addition to the sale, we offer you a very interesting and convenient alternative:

LONG-TERM RENTAL ... guaranteed fun, comfortable and fast

  • CHOOSE YOUR E-BIKE: You can choose from numerous e-bike models of different categories and thus find the e- perfect bike for his needs and your lifestyle.
  • CHOOSE THE DURATION OF THE RENTAL: From 3 to 24 months, the choice of the duration of the long-term rental is flexible according to your needs and requirements.
  • GET ON THE SADDLE YOUR E-BIKE: Pick up your e-bike and start your personalized pedal assisted riding experience
  • CHOOSE WHETHER TO CHANGE OR REDEEM YOUR E-BIKE: Can't do without your e-bike anymore? With La Mobilité you can choose to redeem your e-bike at the end of the rental, or exchange it for a new model by starting a new procedure.
  • TRUST OUR EXPERTS: With La Mobilité you are never alone. For the entire duration of the rental we will be close to you with an assistance and consultancy service to guarantee you a driving experience in total serenity.

The long-term rental offer is limited to availability and territorially. Alternatively, we offer you a zero-interest loan for the purchase of your new E-bike. Write to us at for further information.

For those who don't accept any compromise

In our retail store, an authorized Fantic and Kawasaki dealing point, you'll find e-mtb from the latest engines and industry-leading generations of batteries. You can also choose between new and used e-bikes: we have a wide range of e-bikes for beginners and experts of all ages. Our bikes are looking forward to be valued as they deserve.