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E-bike tours in San Vigilio and Alta Badia: nature and activity - your dream

Are you a mountain lover on the trail of adventure? Enjoy an e-bike tour and discover the Dolomites in Fanes, San Vigilio, Alta Badia.  You have the opportunity to live a memorable experience: explore the UNESCO World Heritage mountains by riding your e-bike along the most fascinating nature trails.

What are you waiting for? We offer you some itineraries that we consider amazing, but you can also enjoy planning other e-bike tours in the Dolomites. With the rental of an e-bike, La Mobilité invites you to reserve a tour among those suggested, or others, with a local guide: you will discover the most antique and unique secrets of this wonderful territory.

Rent an e-bike and enjoy the physical exercise

Are you a sports lover and want to test yourself? Renting an e-bike gives you the opportunity to move around and keep fit in an incomparable natural environment: the views you have the possibility to enjoy will make you forget the effort. Come to La Mobilité and discover a new way of experiencing sport in the middle of greenery!