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E-bike workshop: maintenance, repairs and assistance

The high quality of the product is definitely essential, but a good maintenance is also fundamental for an e-bike: we put our professionalism at your service.

We want to take care of your dream: give your bike to those who love e-bikes like you!

Our specialized e-bike workshop in Pederoa - Alta Badia offers a rapid and efficient maintenance service, as well as repairs or replacements on all types of e-bikes. In case of long-term assistance, ask for a replacement of your e-bike! Yes, we know, e-bikes are addictive. Even the most sceptical biker, which tried once a pedal assisted bike, can’t do without it: that's why we planned to deliver replacement bikes to our customers.

  • Change of tubes and tyres
  • Adjusting the gearbox
  • Adjusting the brakes or changing the pads
  • Replacement of the brake cable
  • Chain check
  • Arrangement of the spokes or substitution if necessary
  • Cleaning and maintenance of your e-bike with professional products

What else do you need? You'll find it in our shop!

For the days on your e-bike it's extremely important to have the right equipment and the right clothing for every kind of weather situation: in the Shop in San Vigilio you'll find everything you need. We offer a wide range of helmets, gloves, glasses and all the accessories for your electric mountain bike.