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Frequently asked questions

All your doubts deserve our attention!

  • How can I book an e-bike?

    You can book directly through the website. Alternatively contact us by email, by phone or visit us in Dolomitebike in Pederoa.

  • Where can I rent an e-bike?

    In addition to our main rental in Pederoa we have more rental points in Val Badia. One of them is located at the tourist office of La Valle. See the locations page to find all our rental points.

  • When can I rent an e-bike?

    You can rent it any day of the week during the summer season. Check the timetable of our rental points. If you want to rent your ebike for the weekend you can pick it up by Friday evening at 19:00 and return it on Monday before 9:00.

  • Do you also offer a bike delivery service?

    Of course, if you are accommodated in Val Badia just contact us and we'll be happy to deliver your e-bike to your accommodation.

  • What is included in the e-bike rental?

    In addition to the e-bike of your choice, you can also rent a battery charger, helmet, backpack, air chamber, pump, padlock and multi-purpose tools.

  • How can I recharge the battery during the ride?

    Many mountain huts in Val Badia are equipped with chargers of the main brands of e-bikes or offer the possibility to attach your charger to their electrical sockets and to recharge your e-bike while you are having lunch in the mountain hut. For safety, contact the mountain hut where you are going to stop or take the charger supplied with you.

  • How many kilometers can you ride with a fully charged battery?

    This is a difficult question to answer because the power consumption of the battery depends strongly on the level of support set on the e-bike as well as on the riding mode, the weight of the cyclist and the characteristics of the route that you face. Despite the difficulty in predicting autonomy, the Bosh brand offers a useful online tool that can help you to calculate the approximate number of kilometres you can cover.

  • Do you also offer long-term e-bike rental options?

    Yes, you can find all the information in the long-term e-bike rental section.

  • Do you sell new or used e-bikes?

    We sell our used e-bikes every year as well as new e-bikes, you can find them in the e-bike sales section or by visiting us.

  • What happens if they stole my e-bike?

    We also provide a padlock together with the e-bike rental that guarantees high security and that we recommend to use always when you decide to stop and move away from your bike. Remember to attach the frame to a non-removable element (never use the wheels as an anchor) and follow the instructions given by our staff. If you are renting a bike for more days, make sure that your accommodation provides a place to secure the bike. In case of theft, our policy provides for the payment of the value of the stolen bike. Remember to contact La Mobilité directly in case of theft, so that we can proceed immediately with the report.

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